• Stephanie C.

Can I Mow My Lawn After It Rains?

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Like people, grass hunches over when it rains. The result is that many blades of grass get pushed and bent over- not cut. Until the sun comes out and it gets dried out, leaving the uncut grass blades to get all the attention (unwanted attention, that is).

Not only is an issue of appearance as it won't be an even cut, wet grass can stick to the mower blades making it dull, which will make it less efficient and unable to evenly cut your lawn, causing you to have to mow it twice.

Most mowers have mulching blades that create suction. Cut grass blades get sucked up and cut into tiny pieces when it's dry. However, when the grass is wet, it clumps up and doesn't get mulched. If left in your yard, clumps of grass larger than the diameter of a tennis ball can weigh down and kill the grass underneath them in a matter of days, leaving you with dead patches.

If your grass has been saturated past its root depth, and if your mower wheels or shoes slide laterally, they can literally push the grass, roots and all, out of place, leaving ruts.

A little water and a lot of weight can harm your lawn more than you can imagine. Which is why our crews are careful when lawns are overly saturated by irrigation problems, and especially after it rains. Don't risk damaging a perfectly maintained lawn for the sake of an even cut, is not worth it. Let the rain settle and give us a call the next day- we'll be there to take care of your lawn. #wetgrass #dontmowinrain #lawncare #lawnmowing #grasscare

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